Devoted Attention...

I highly recommend Dr. Sandy! She is fabulous, takes time each appointment to find out if there are any new developments, how you are feeling and your comfort level. Dr. Sandy goes out of her way on a continued basis to provide amazing care!  

Love her!!!

-- Kim H.

Feeling Better & Better...

I have been seeing Dr. Sandy for about a month.  She has been helping with my back and shoulder pain so much and I keep feeling better and better.  I had a setback last week after I tripped on a rug and I was feeling more pain, but she went out of her way to help, even offering her cell number in case I needed her over the weekend.  I am so impressed with her and Absoulute Chiropractic.  I have been to many chiro's throughout the years and she is absolutely one of the best!

-- Lisa T.

Powerful and Healing...

Dr. Pam has consistently been a powerful and healing chiropractor for my entire family for 6 years.  My husband, son (age 10,) daughter (age 7) and I all go together to get adjusted by Dr. Pam each week to maintain our good health.  What I have noticed over the years is that our family stays solidly healthy year round, and when the kids have caught colds, they only last for a short time.  My husband left his former chiropractor to join us at Absolute Chiropractic as Dr. Pam is excellent and takes a significant amount of time with each of us -- never rushes.  I am amazed by that...6 years and never once has Dr. Pam rushed any of our adjustments!  Her adjustments feel SO GOOD!  In addition, Dr. Pam has a sense of truly knowing what our body needs and always maintains a high level of integrity and professionalism.  I love knowing that my family's body's are healthy and that we stay that way with our proactivity and consistency.  The Office Manager Jesse is a delight to work with and is always extremely helpful and supportive.  I give Dr. Pam and Absolute Chiropractic 5+ stars!

-- Heidi S.

Family Care...

I should have written a review for Dr. Pam long ago - we have been seeing her for almost 10 years now and she has been a lifesaver for our family.  I started seeing her during a difficult pregnancy for spinal adjustments to help with pain and a lot of excessive swelling I was having.  I continued seeing her after having our daughter, who also started receiving adjustments soon after she was born.  My husband got on board looking for help with some severe sciatica that had been a problem for years, and she was able to completely eradicate this painful problem for him!  We still see her for maintenance care and also for any pains or difficulties that arise; she also does great massage and energy release work during adjustments (if you welcome that), and this has been super helpful to all of us, especially during times of stress.  She is unfailingly kind, patient, super positive, compassionate and caring, and we really love and respect her both as a practitioner and an individual.  Check her out at Absolute Chiropractic...Dr Sandy is good too - they each have their own style - and their receptionist, Jessie, is so warm and friendly.

-- Sandra M.




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